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Book review: Around the world single-handed

Around the world single-handed / The Cruise of the Islander
by Harry Pidgeon

I wouldn’t dare to say that the books about families going cruising are boring but it IS another thing to circle the world alone (‘single handed’). And even more so if the journey starts in the year 1921 and with a self-build wooden boat and without much nautical experience.

Well this book was really amazing. Harry Pidgeon is a fascinating person and his journey alone around the world from 1921-1925 was only the seconed one after Joshua Slocum (in 1909). The journey of Pidgeon from a 21st century viewpoint was a very romantic one. There were no telephone lines, no weather information and when he visited some islands he was only the second or third ship to arrive in a whole year. People were interested in his journey and as he was a hobby photographer, he was doing dia shows for the local people.

The descriptions of the places he visited couldn’t be any more different from today. Fiji was still the paradise island, many islands in the Pacific were still completely without contact to ‘western civilisation’. If one reads about those islands now, it seems that on every second island there’s a naval base of the U.S. and telephone, internet, McDonalds, H&M are everywhere. There was no fish-poisoning as the coral reefs were still intact and in general, life seemed an easier and slower one. This of course is the romantic view – the downside, to have no weather information, no GPS is another story. But I like the book for it’s beautiful image of days long gone past and Harry Pidgeon for sharing his experience in a really unobtrusive way.

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Book review: Pacific high

Just finished reading: Pacific High from Silke und Thorsten Hartmann

Since this book is written in German, I’m not gonna write a review. But here’s a link to their english homepage.

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Book review: Learning all the time (by John Holt)

Learnin all the timeLearning all the time

written by John Caldwell Holt

An amazing book about the learnin with and from children. It was this book that took my fear of home-schooling away. It also let me see our current school system in a completely different light.  The book is packed with really practical tips and stories and I consider it absolutely mandatory reading for everyone who wants to do homeschooling. This book is also strongly recommended by Jill Schinas (see Kids in the Cockpit).

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Book review: The missing Centimetre (by Leon Schulz)

The missing centimetreThe missing Centimetre

by Leon Schulz

Another book about a family going cruising. It wouldn’t be worth mentioning but there are a couple of features that make this book stand out: It’s design is really nice, the printing is amazing quality and it has brilliant photos in it. Also: I like the book for it’s good tips.

In general, I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s still in the ‘dreaming phase’ of the journey. Leon makes good points for getting started and he shows very clear that from the first thought it always looks impossible but as one starts into the dreaming phase, the first step is done. Soon you could find yourself in the ‘planning phase’. ;-) Go to the homepage of the SY Regina.

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Book review: Maiden Voyage (Tania Aebi)

TaniaAebi-MaidenVoyage Maiden Voyage

von Tania Aebi

One of the absolute must-reads in sailing literature. Tania Aebi left New York in her Contessa 26 when she was 18 years old. She circumnavigated the world in about 2 and 1/2 years – and without much knowledge about sailing – but that would soon change… A fantastic read !!

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Book review: Kids in the Cockpit (by Jill Schinas)

Kids in the cockpitKids in the Cockpit

by Jill Shinas

Everyone who has plans to go sailing with kids: READ THIS BOOK !!! It’s by far the best book on that subject, I’ve read so far. And it has two more big advantages: It’s written by Jill Shinas – who herself has spent pretty much all her life aboard. And of course she knows what she’s talking about since all of her three kids were born on the boat ! Also – The Shinas family has a really nice homepage, full of good stories, hints and pictures. Visit them at the homepage of the Mollymawk !

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Book review: Meer als ein Traum

Meer_als_ein_TraumMeer als ein Traum

von Michael Wnuk und Nathalie Mueller

Dies war in vielerlei Hinsicht der Startschuss fuer unsere Reise. Nach dem wir schon oefter mal vage von einer derartigen Unternehmung traeumten, dieses aber voellig utopisch erschien und angesichts zweier, kleiner Kinder beinahe unmoeglich, war dieses Buch ein wahrer Augenoeffner. Nicht nur ist es unterhaltsam, sehr offen und ehrlich geschrieben. Auch zeigt es, dass man nicht nur eine Weltreise mit Kindern unternehmen kann, sonder diese vielmehr auch unterwegs erst aufziehen kann. Super Buch !

Hier die Homepage der Iron Lady.

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