Rancho Relaxo on fire ?!?

Just received horrible news via Email: It seems that there was a catastrophic fire in the shipyard where the Rancho Relaxo currently resides. I do not have much information but it seems that one of the main halls has burned down and so have the ships being inside.

Here are some pics, I found on the internets Pics are made by Andreas Meyer, (C) Berliner Tagesspiegel:

Pics deleted on Request of Mr. Meyer.

The Berliner Morgenpost also has a short Video of the fire:

Update: And a couple of more pictures, found on the webpage of the RBB. As one can see the ship in font of ours as well as the big crane at the waterside, I guess, the Rancho Relaxo is safe. Uff !

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One Response to Rancho Relaxo on fire ?!?

  1. Andreas Meyer says:

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren
    Sie haben keine Berechtigung meine Fotos hier zu zeigen. Bitte entfernen Sie diese umgehend. Die Wiederrechtliche verwendung von Bildmaterial ist ein Verstoss gegen das Kunstuhrhebergesetz.