The steelboat owners nightmare

The hose that empties the water from 0ur anchorchain box was clogged so I used a thin wire to try and make it run again.

And run it did !! But it was not through the hose as supposed but somehow the hose broke right underneath the outlet and all the rust/saltwater soup emptied itself into the bilge. From there it flushed down until midships. Everything covered in stinky rusty mess !!! *AAAAARRRHG*

Well I cleaned it up again, dried it, put my LAST drops of BOB onto some parts where there could develope rust. And then I set to work to put a new hose. Of course I had to deconstruct moste of the kids’s cabin to gain access but in the end it worked.

The next day I put a bigger screw in the back of the steering wheel because the old one we wouldn’t trust anymore; the thread nearly gone. Put the track for the reefing lines 20cm more towards the aft (the ones on the side of the boom), deflated the dinghy, put away the anchor chain – in short: We’re preparing for our first bluewater trip.

Tomorrow we’ll stitch up our mainsail as the new one was not delivered in time and we’ll have to sail those 600 miles with our 30 year old main. *rrr*

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